DIY Marker & Ink Aprons

In this lesson students explore the art elements of shape and pattern to create their own apron design.
Students will use a combination of food dyes and fabric markers to create their aprons.

Lesson 1

Explore shapes and patterns as a class. Show students examples of different shapes and patterns used in artworks. Show students how repeating shapes create pattern and how patterns can be used within shapes. Students draw out a design for an apron incorporating shapes and patterns. Students use fabric markers on a calico apron to create their work.

Lesson 2

Students finish drawing their design on their calico apron. Students will then use spray bottles to apply dye to their aprons. Show students how they can apply the dye and techniques to create mixed colours, splatter effects and lines. Show students how the dyes can mix and change colours and how they can mask off areas of their apron to avoid dye sinking in. Students use the spray bottles outside to apply their dye.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: DIY Marker & Ink Apron