Decorated Giant Paper Lantern

In this lesson students will explore shape, line and repetition to create patterns inspired by Chinese art. Students will draw these patterns on a paper lantern
before adding colour to the negative space of the lantern with tissue paper. Students will then construct their lanterns into a 3D form.

Lesson 1

Students explore lines, shapes and patterns used in Chinese art. Discuss how repetition creates pattern. Discuss the significance of lanterns in Chinese culture, what they are used for and what they may represent. Students draw out different patterns to use on a lantern template using different coloured markers to make them stand out on the black paper.

Once students have finished decorating their lantern shape they can use tissue paper on the inside of the lantern in between the negative space to add colour. Students tear small pieces of tissue and glue it in to their lantern. Once complete students can fold their lantern, so it stays upright.

Students can present their finished lanterns as a class by standing them in the room with a tea light or hanging them with string.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Decorated Giant Paper Lantern