Creatures with Features

Term: 1 Year: 2019

Students were challenged to think of a creature they would like to create in 3D along with its environment.

The next step was to take features within the environment and create strong patterns with oil pastels using harmonious colours, with help from the colour wheel. The background was created with a food dye wash in complimentary colours. It was important not to create a scene or landscape as the background would not be in a straight landscape format, but end up on its side.

Students then used white magiclay to create a 3D creature with smooth and solid surfaces, and decorated with beads to add details and interest. We used pearlescent watercolour paint to cover the surface with a challenge of using colours to contrast with the background so the creature would be the main focus for the audience. The last step was to cut a square out of the background paper, fold into triangles and cut into the centre to make the ‘house’ ready to be enjoyed on display.

Details of doors and windows were added using felt, jewels or mirror tiles, and then lots of fun was had creating their own story, drawing the characters of the kingdoms using gel pens and metallic pencils. We then chose a background colour to frame the picture and glued it together ready to be enjoyed on display.

Year 3/4
Sandringham East Primary School, Sandringham East