Crazy Calico Bags

Term: 2 Year: 2007

Crazy Calico Bags 5
Crazy Calico Bags 4
Crazy Calico Bags 3
Crazy Calico Bags 2
Crazy Calico Bags 1
Crazy Calico Bags 7
Crazy Calico Bags 6


* Buttons, ribbons, animal noses, felt pieces

* Fabric paint, puff paint, fabric markers, fabric crayons

* Calico bags

  • Four equal sections were ruled and drawn onto the calico bags for the students.
  • Each section took a lesson or more to complete due to planning and sketch work.
  • Section 1: A fish or sea creature was painted using fabric paint. Puff paints and sew-on-eyes were used
    to create texture.
  • Section 2: Self portraits were drawn using fabric crayons. Children chose ribbons, buttons or flowers
    to decorate their work.
  • Section 3: Faces of animals were drawn with fabric markers and filled in using fabric paints. Animal
    snouts were added.
  • Section 4: Children chose to draw a rocket, spaceship, flower or butterfly or another picture of their
    choice using fabric crayons. These were embellished with felt pieces.


Somers Primary School