Collage Art Program

Term: 2 Year: 2018

Term 1 of a new year, and my art program began with a series of fun, experimental painting sessions for students in Years 3-6. Each week, we explored line and colour using a variety of media.

Students applied paint to their paper using large stubby brushes, which have an unusual feel compared to regular paint brushes. Once their pages were covered, lines were created by removing layers of paint with paste spreaders. Students created beautiful colour blends and 3D effects in their works. They enjoyed the freedom of exploration with paint. We moved on to liquid crayons on diffusion paper, sprayed with water. This was followed by shaving cream and food dye painting, then to complete the picture, blow dye painting. A whole term of exploring line and colour. FUN!

I discovered some collage artworks of birds, created with patterns and text. I was instantly attracted to the designs and thought, “My students could do that”. With these as inspiration, Term 2 saw students bringing together their experimental art. The brief: to create a picture of their choice using their art along with a piece of text from an outdated encyclopaedia. A great amount of problem solving took place within the art room each week. Peer teaching and guidance occurred naturally, and once students were able to see how to create their work, they happily enlightened others as to possible ways in which to create different effects. It was a classic learning pit scenario.

After tracing, cutting, compiling and placement, finished pieces were glued on to mount boards for presentation. This is probably one of my favourite experiences to date in the art room, due to the exploration, collaboration, fun and the original art from my student artists. The journey was important and the destination, unique.

Michelle Watson
Visual Arts Teacher
Horsham West and Haven Primary Schools