Clay Weaving Looms

Term: 3 Year: 2014

Year 5 Students at Mont Albert Primary School explored and experimented with clay and textiles to create vibrant weaving looms.

Unit: Creating Clay Weaving Looms
Year Level: 5
AusVELS level: 5
Duration of Unit:  5 lessons (Fortnightly lessons x 80 mins)
Term: 2
Year: 2014

Year 5 students explored and experimented with clay and textiles to create a weaving loom.

Skills, Techniques and Processes:

Making the loom

Firstly students explored modelling techniques of rolling a slab, joining techniques and creating texture with clay tools. Once students rolled a clay slab, students pushed a round clay cutter through the middle to create the hole of the loom. Using the end of a skewer, students created an odd number of holes around the outside of the circle. Using clay tools, students then cut an organic shape around the outside edge of the clay. Students explored a range of tools to create texture in the clay and many students used joining techniques to add 3D parts. Some students added glaze to their clay, others painted with poster paints or eco dyes. 

Weaving the loom

Creating the ‘warp’ (the backbone structure) was the most challenging part of this process. Using pearl thread and needle, students wove the thread to opposite holes. Students started weaving different coloured thread from the centre of the warp in a pattern of over and under (or reverse). Students reflected on their design choices and decisions made before and during art making and the resolution outcome. 


Michelle Haymes
Visual Arts Teacher
Mont Albert Primary School