Circle of Life and The Koru

Term: 3 Year: 2019

Needle Felting
Artist – Marie – Hana Hauraki

This year students enhanced their personal skills by learning a new needle-felt technique to create portraits. This is also known as dry felting. Basic shapes were used, such as the circle and Koru (swirl symbol).
Natural and hand-dyed wool was used to create these unique masterpieces. Using a felting needle, the children bound the fibres of the wool to create the circle and Koru.

As children created their artwork they were immersed in stories of the symbology of the circle and the Koru and its cultural significance. The circle represents the circle of life thus the importance of community.
The Koru is a Maori symbol that refers to the unfurling frond and represents birth, growth and rebirth.
The Mandala located at the base of the display are practice pieces. The hanging artworks were created by individuals based on their chosen season using the corresponding seasonal colours.

Year 5/6
Mt Dandenong Primary School, Mt Dandenong