Chook Prints

Term: 1 Year: 2011
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During Book Week the prep children read the story ‘Bear and Chook by the Sea’ by Lisa Shanahan.

We talked about what happened in the story and the children related it to their own experiences. We looked at the
pictures in the book and talked about what the illustrator may have used to create the characters and how she
represented texture.

The children were given a sheet of black paper and a palette of yellow, red and white paint. They used a sponge to
dab on either one or more colours to form the body of Chook in the middle of their paper. They then used the sponge
to make a neck and a head. The legs and beak were printed using a piece of cardboard dipped in yellow paint. The
children could then add Joggle Eyes and feathers if they wished. The prep teacher used the artwork as a stimulus in
literacy lessons and asked the children to write a recount of the story ‘Bear and Chook’ which was then
typed and displayed with their artwork.

Jenny Brown
Visual Art Teacher
St Francis Of Assisi School, Mill Park
Suitable for Level Prep