Chalk Pastel Drawing with PVA Glue Resist


In this video Glue drawing with chalk pastels, we explore a stained-glass aesthetic while drawing with glue and adding colour with blended chalk pastels.

We begin by using PVA blue dispensed from a small nozzle to create the lines for our drawing. Working on black paper will create a black line of glue once it has dried as the glue will dry clear. We stick to a simple design so that it can be drawn with the glue. By applying even pressure to the glue bottle we squeeze out small amounts of glue and move it across our paper trying to join all of our lines together.

Next, we allow the glue to dry so that we have a solid line of glue. This line of glue will not only be the detail of our drawing but will also create texture in the piece. We then use chalk pastels to colour in the spaces between our glue lines.

Applying a small amount of pastel to certain areas and then using another colour to blend in will create multiple tones in the work. We explore different colours and blend them together. We continuously clean off our hands to blend new colours and use an eraser to clean up the edges of our work.

This is a great activity that can be completed by junior primary students all the way to senior primary. Younger students can stick to abstract shapes while older students can plan their drawing and design it to suit the stained-glass aesthetic. This is a great way to teach colour blending skills with chalk pastels.

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Lesson Plan: Glue And Chalk Drawing