Ceramic Dogs

Term: 1 Year: 2012

These dogs are hand built using a combination of pinch pots, coils and other modelling techniques.

Having been taught the various skills, the boys analysed the shape of their chosen dog from photographs and devised a plan for how to best construct them. Some dogs needed props to support them as they dried and others required extra attention to ensure that bodies and heads were hollow and well joined. Holes were strategically placed throughout the sculptures to allow air to escape during the firing.

Some students chose to base their work on their own dog, but they were free to create a breed of their choice.

A wide variety of glazing techniques were used- dipping, crawl and brush on glazes, underglaze and copper oxide. Rather than all using the same approach, students investigated work around the ceramics room and described the effect they wanted to represent their dogs’ coat; together we devised ways to apply combinations of materials, sometimes wiping them back, or adding layers to emphasise the clay texture.

The work of Kerry Jameson was particularly influential in this project and can be found in the book, 100 Animals, published by Lark.

Kate Thornburn
Ceramics Teacher
Camberwell Grammar
Suitable for Level 5