Cardboard Faces

Term: 2 Year: 2006

Cardboard Faces 5
Cardboard Faces 4
Cardboard Faces 3
Cardboard Faces 2
Cardboard Faces 1


  • We began this unit with the teacher giving a slide show of images of Picasso, Albert Tucker and other
  • This gave us the opportunity to compare and discuss different styles and to see how Picasso and other
    artists like Tucker interpreted their subjects by distorting and rearranging features of the face, often
    depicting a profile and front on view in the same work.
  • We also discussed the artist’s use of colour to help create mood and emotion. 


  • Students then went on to draw their own interpretation of a portrait applying colour using pastel.
  • Their first drawing was within a closed shape and their second drawing was an enlargement of distorted
    and rearranged facial features.
  • Warm and cool colours and complementary colours were explored with the constant reference to our class
    colour wheel.
  • Using their drawings as their guide students began construction by initially folding the card and drawing
    the head shape.
  • They cut out and stapled the two pieces of card together leaving enough room to stuff with crushed newspaper.
  • When stuffed and stapled, students applied masking tape to cover and soften the outer edge.
  • This process was used for all pieces of the face i.e. nose, eyes, mouth.etc. I helped students with the
    hot glue gun to secure their facial features into position.
  • When the construction was complete students went on to paint directly on to their work with Viponds paint.
  • From their initial drawings they had already selected their colour combination i.e. cool colours for the
    face and warm colours for the facial features.
  • When the painting was dry, the lines around the facial features were painted over with black paint.
  • Completed constructions were discussed and celebrated and exhibited in our whole school art exhibition
    titled ‘Exploration of the Face’.


  • Has the student engaged in the discussion of the artists?
  • Has the student understood the concept of facial features?
  • Has the student understood and used colour combinations successfully?
  • Has the student extended the concept to reveal their individual interpretation?

 Julia Martin – Art Teacher

Springview Primary School