Bird Cages

Term: 3 Year: 2012

When I found a stack of curved timber boards at Reverse Art Truck, I knew that I could make something interesting with them. As an art teacher, discovering fun materials and resources always excites me.

I have used these interesting shaped wooden boards to create birdcages. Students were given a research task to find images of birds in order to investigate colour, position and shape.  Based on the research, students have made botanical drawing of a bird on paper using pencil, water colour paint and fine-liners. Finally students were given the boards to redraw and paint the birds.  Finishing the work by gluing wooden sticks as birdcage has given an extra effect.

Year 8 students had been learning the art elements and principles and they had made a variety of artworks based on the theme. I believe that the students have expanded their knowledge about the art elements and principles further while completing the birdcage project. The birdcages were displayed for Isik College students’ annual exhibition 2011 and we have sold most of them. The money we have made was used to purchase a range of art history books for the library.

Hisu Lee
Isik College
Suitable for Level 5