Term: 1 Year: 2012

The students used masking tape of different widths to mask off, firstly, around the edge of the Hessian to make a border, then masked a pattern design on the coloured Hessian. 

With a contrasting paint, they used a sponge roller over the masked area. 

When the paint was dry they peeled off the tape and a two-colour fabric was visible.
With large needles and wool, the students experimented with making stitches, using the design as a starting point.  I talked about running stitch, cross stitch and how repeated stitches make a pattern.

The students were taught how to sew on buttons for a final embellishment.

The finished artwork was ironed onto the calico bags using fusible webbing.

Pamela Wood
Visual Art Teacher
Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School
Suitable for Level 1