Art Works

Term: 2 Year: 2006
Art Works 2006 3
Art Works 2006 2
Art Works 2006 1
Art Works 2006 4

Students were to select a painting by a famous artist, either Australian or overseas i.e. An internationally recognised
painting that most people know, for example, Gainsborough’s Blue Boy.


Students divided an A3 sheet of Cartridge Paper into six rectangles. The medium used was Gouache. They were
to interpret this project into five different art styles. (the painting chosen already shall make six)

1.    Pointillism

2.    Cubism (abstract)

3.    Surrealism

4.    Aboriginal (earthy, symbolic style)

5.    Roman (mosaic floor tiles)

6.    Personal choice (as above)


  • For each ‘ism’ or style students listed four artists who have worked with this technique.
  • Then list ten characteristics of each of the ‘isms’ or styles.
  • They then used the following phases (A to D) to express the painting they chosen (that being number six
    of the above criteria, Personal choice)

A.   Description

B.  Analysis

C.  Interpretation

D. Judgement


Studio Arts Unit 2 Research Project

Mullauna Secondary College