Art Show

Term: 2 Year: 2006

Art Show 1
Art Show 4
Art Show 3
Art Show 2

Students produced art works for our biennial Art Show 2005. No particular theme was chosen, but a carnival like
atmosphere was created on Opening Night.

Year 5 

A brief history of the making & uses of felt was discussed using 'How to Make Felt" by Anne Belgrave
& 'Felt Work' by Victoria Brown as resources.

We followed the Zart notes on felting, students used wool tops, wool and coloured felt pieces to create a picture.

Embroidery threads, sequins & beads were used to add detail to students work.

Year 4 

We looked at the black & white prints of M.C Echer (29 Master Prints)

Students experimented with different designs of their choice by using pencil on black paper.

The importance of both positive & negative shapes/areas was discussed in detail

Once students had a design they were happy with, they used compasses to scratch the design out using black
'scratch back' cardboard.


After a discussion about family members, students drew all the members of their family using black fine-liners
on white cartridge.

On a separate piece of paper, using a black permanent marker, students drew a self – portrait. Year 5 &
6 helped by cutting out student's portraits.