Arcimboldo Inspired Collage

Term: 2 Year: 2012


•From observation – ‘still life’
•Focus on shape, texture, colour of fruit / vegetables / flowers


•Understand the colour wheel: primary, secondary, warm, cool, complementary, shades, tones
•Experiment with oil pastels to make/blend colours
•Using scissors with care and precision to cut defined shapes (for collaborative project)

Responding to Art

•Participate in group discussions about Giuseppe Arcimboldo – his life, paintings and artistic style

Session 1 – Introduce Project

•Introduce Giuseppe Arcimboldo – his life story. Look at a range of Arcimboldo’s paintings – discuss style: materials used, portraits usually represented, colours used, realistic representation of fruits, flowers, etc from nature, encourage children to express their opinions of the artworks. 
•Introduce project – a collaborative collage face in the style of Arcimboldo : all children will contribute a few still life drawings to be cut out and arranged on a large canvas.
•Discuss focus art elements for children’s work – shape, colour, pattern.
•Demonstrate features of wax pastels to be used – vivid colours easily blended using fingers.
•Children choose 2 fruits/vegetables from selection provided to represent in their still life drawings – place item on table and draw what they see. Teacher encourages and offers advice as children work.

Session 2 – Continue still life drawings 

•Children repeat process from last week using a selection of flowers provided – careful focus on shape, colours and patterns. 
•Children carefully cut out all completed drawings – discuss trimming and techniques to retain important shapes.
•Children make suggestions as to where their element will be placed on the ‘face’ – make a tentative arrangement on the canvas.
•Teacher will adhere still life elements to canvas later.