Animal Totems

Term: 3 Year: 2011
Animal Totems 2011 2
Animal Totems 2011 1
Animal Totems 2011 4
Animal Totems 2011 3

The ‘Animal Totem’ project took through a journey of discovery in Art Elements.

Students in Year 4 first looked at drawing animals using the basic shapes. Ideas were flourishing from their
Visual Art Diaries. Our next stepping stone was to discuss some of Vincent Van Gogh paintings. The element of line is
an important component in most his artwork with Vincent Van Gogh being one of the upmost experts. Students studied
closely his paintings and experimented using various lines to form interesting patterns. The students had to put the
shapes and lines together to transform an animal into a colourful and fantastic line drawing.

Audrey Buttigieg Cardona
Head of Junior School Art
Westbourne Grammar
Suitable for Level 3