3D Fish

Term: 4 Year: 2012

Sculpture with an emphasis.

The Yr 6 students created these sculptures after looking at some of the work of Tim Burton. I used his book that accompanied the recent exhibition. My aim as was to focus on the concept of ‘emphasis’ in art. We discussed the ways in which an artist such as Tim Burton might emphasise aspects of an artwork and why he might do this. After preparing sketches of fish and other creatures, the students viewed some inspirational videos of American artist, Dan the Monster Man on you tube. His work is amazing and it was important that the students were given a successful starting point to work from after seeing his work. (Hence the fish shape for most)

Students built these sculptures using a wire clothes hanger bent to shape and then stuffed with scrunched newspaper wrapped in masking tape. ( Dan the monster man’s technique). Then they followed with a layer of papier mache. Students could then add details like fins onto the papier mache using tapes and glue. Then they followed with plaster bandage.

I took photos of the finished white sculptures and students trialled two different colour schemes in their visual diaries by drawing over the photos with markers. We used Vipond paints to decorate. Several of the students gave up many of their lunchtimes to work on their projects.

John Watson
Visual Art Teacher
Christ Church Grammar School
Suitable for Level 4