Notre Dame & Djap Wurrung Birthing Tree

Term: 1 Year: 2020


Cool and Warm Colours

We discussed the recent events that happened: the fires in Notre Dame in Paris and the demolition of the Djap Wurrung birthing tree in Ararat. Students had to create 2 artworks on A4 paper one of Notre Dame and the other of the Djap Wurrung birthing tree and to choose which one to do in cool and warm colours.

Students were given instructions on how to do wet-on-wet watercolour technique. Next, they prepared the background and draw the Notre Dame and the Djap Wurrung Birthing tree. All the paintings were then carefully cut out with scissors leaving a small border around Notre Dame and the tree. The painting was glued on the star splattered background.
Year 3
Christ the Priest, Catholic Primary School, Caroline Springs