Poly Eggs 70mm 10’s

Poly Eggs 70mm 10’s

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Poly Eggs are great to decorate at Easter but also make fantastic bodies for birds and animals when combined with Poly Balls. Easy to decorate and may be painted with Shimmer Paint for a gloss finish.

Creating an Armature using a Polyshape (deco foam)

Armatures are like a skeleton. They are used to create structure before a more refined surface is applied e.g. Magiclay or Modroc.

Step One: Attach Poly shapes together using a Toothpick. Use Supertac on both ends to secure.

Step Two: Use a Satay Stick to poke holes in the Poly shape. Insert wire into the holes and secure with masking tape.

Step Three: Cover the armature with a thin layer of Magiclay and add detail.

Extension: You can also make armatures from Poly Shapes and Cardboard. Secure the shapes together using Masking Tape. Once complete model over.

Zart Art School Catalogue page: 270