Zebras Colour & Line

Term: 4 Year: 2009
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LINE, PATTERN, SHAPE & COLOURFOCUS: to explore and experiment with the elements of line, pattern shape and colour in order to create a patterned and colourful zebra and habitat.

LEARNING INTENTIONS: Share our information about zebras with each other.Look at the shapes that help us to draw a zebra. Make a sample sheet of pattern ideas to share with others.Work in pairs to design and create a brightly patterned zebra.Use two colours to paint your patterns, and negotiate to add extra colours for hooves, mane, head and tail.Use paint and printed and textured papers to create a habitat of your choice.


Facts about zebras, vertical stripes and patterns, types of lines to create patterns, shapes within zebras, colour choices including contrasting colours.


Look at a slide show of zebras in the wild. Look closely at their stripe patterns and body structure. Revisit colour facts….warm, cool, contrasting.Revisit brush stroke and dabbing skills.


Negotiate with your partner to experiment with colour choices and stripe and line patterns. Explore dabbing technique and textured and printed papers for the background.


Work together to explore all skills taught and modelled in order to produce your amazing zebra.


Display all works in our corridor gallery. Create a finger painted, realistic zebra face individually.


Working in pairs allows for much discussion and negotiation between the two.We may have to produce another piece of work as the children enjoyed the process and results so much….and only one can take it home! Maybe a giraffe would be fun.


Children use their self reflection books to record their thoughts on working with a partner, colour choices, use of time, end result and painting skills.

Hillsmeade Primary School