Term: 1 Year: 2018

In this ever-advancing digital world, the need to embrace online technology has become paramount, not only for students but also, for educators. Embracing technology and using online platforms such as social media is one way of connecting to a constantly growing resource base that reaches far outside your classroom. In the past, the sharing of ideas may have been limited to colleagues, staffrooms and network groups, but now there are other ways to be inspired and discover new ideas. How does one learn about what others are doing and discover new materials when there is no time left in the day?

Instagram is one way. Instagram is a social media mobile application (App) that allows users to easily share photos and videos instantly. Video content is really valuable because you can see things in action! The amount of ideas teachers share on social media is amazing, particularly through their Instagram accounts: activities, student artwork, classroom & learning environments, cross-curricular projects and budget saving tips.
Some examples include practical and useful ideas like how to organise artrooms with colour coded alphabetical storage systems, transforming school and community grounds into enriched learning spaces with murals and installations, and new ways to use recycled materials. 

Not on Instagram? To share your greatest ideas, ‘funnest’ lessons, classroom tips and not least, the wonderful student outcomes you will need to setup an account.
Instagram is a free downloadable smart phone application that is available through the App Store or the Google Play Store. Don’t use a smart phone or tablet? No problem! You can still use your desktop computer to view the Zart Instagram page. 

We use the Zart Instagram page to highlight our Student Gallery works; share what teachers from around the globe are doing with their students, and keep educators up to date on the newest materials and techniques.
Looking for specific content on Instagram?

Hashtags are used on Instagram to search for and follow content. It can be as simple as #artteacher or #studentart, just add # (hashtag symbol) in front of any word in the search bar and see what comes up.
Zart has created its own hashtag for sharing resources, activities, classroom environments and student work: #zartinspirations 
Get on board, download the app and show us what you are up to by sharing your photos, videos and inspirations with #zartinspirations 

Hamish May 
Zart Education