Cambodia Fresh Water Project

Zart has proudly donated money for the building of 6 fresh water wells in Cambodia. These wells were organised with the Lions club of Point Lonsdale.

Cambodian adult female standing in front of one of the wells that were donated to Indonesia, with the Zart Art donation pole in the foreground
Cambodians using one of the water wells that were donated to their village.

Our Papier Mache Products

Zart Art’s Papier Mache products are made by workers from small rural villages in Indonesia. These products are the sole financial support for these proud communities, helping to restore their dignity and keep their families and communities together.

“The work that you have given us over the years helped us to improve the living standards of the people and they enjoy the work. They hope to get orders from you continuously, they want to work everyday because if they don’t have orders they will be jobless and they will have to trying to work at the factory again which is far away. Regards to all your customers who buy our products” Mr Womomark


Zart Art is proud to support Presentation Family Centre, which is a holiday venue for families conducted by the Presentation Sisters. It is in a rural setting, on Western Port Bay. Ideal for a relaxing holiday and for those families who require respite. The atmosphere is quiet and unhurried, houses are comfortable and fuss free! Our dream is that people will find here a place of enrichment and relaxation.

State Schools’ Relief

State School's relief - Confidence to Connect

State Schools’ Relief is a charity providing disadvantaged Victorian students with new school wear and attire. Last financial year we assisted 84% of Secondary schools and 40% of Primary schools; resulting in 10,463 requests for assistance.

Since 1930, they have been supporting children and families who cannot access new quality clothing and footwear due to circumstances like poverty, neglect, family violence, homelessness and natural disasters.

History: 82 years ago, Victorian teachers and the government banded together to help those that needed it most. Teachers often “knew” which children had the greatest need, so an arrangement was set up where more prosperous schools helped those less fortunate. SSR coordinated the provision of practical help – like giving clothes, shoes and food to students who needed it so they could continue their education.

Since that time successive governments have provided salaries, accommodation and an administrative grant. This means that 100% of donated funds are used to purchase quality clothing and footwear.

Therefore they are able to continue to support the urgent need of families struggling to keep their children in school. SSRC have supported tens of thousands of young Victorians and their families and we remain the leading agency providing material support to young people in Victorian government schools.

For more information on SSRC please visit their website