Zart Extra Term 1 2018 Boomerang Bags

Term: 1 Year: 2018

How can you prepare your students for a shopping culture that doesn’t revolve around plastic bags? Boomerang Bags is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags by engaging, educating and connecting communities worldwide. Boomerang Bags communities design and sew reusable bags from recycled material that would otherwise end up in landfills— currently in Australia 7,000 plastic bags enter landfills every minute.

Boomerang Bags aims to support schools in a variety of ways:
1. Community service participation whereby students sew bags from recycled material and choose a way of distributing these within their community.
2. Featuring Boomerang Bags as a unit of work within the Design and Technology curriculum.
3. In South East Queensland, students can attend a three-hour design process workshop (we can come to you!) that allows them to investigate and evaluate the Boomerang Bags solution for replacing the plastic shopping bag and to collaborate and manage their own designs from an assortment of donated fabric from the Boomerang Bag warehouse. They can then produce and evaluate their design and compare its success to that of other designs. We can tailor a workshop to your own unit requirements.

Why contact us?
We work creatively and innovatively to design solutions to replace plastic bags and we use existing textiles. All material is donated and we work with businesses to foster cradle-to-cradle or closed-loop upcycling principles.
Empower Change
When participating in a Boomerang Bags activity, students and teachers alike feel empowered to start making positive environmental change. Through the design process, they can make and/or personally use or distribute upcycled bags within their communities. These actions become a platform for conversation and begin to foster sustainable behaviour.
Reduce Landfill
To date, Boomerang Bags has redirected over 12 tonnes of material from landfills and has made over 70,000 bags. We support 200 Boomerang Bags communities worldwide, from one in Bonnie Doon in outback Australia to one in Iceland. We are currently growing at a rate of five communities per week.

Tania Potts 
Boomerang Bags