Yarra River Mural

Term: 4 Year: 2006

Yarra River Mural 4
Yarra River Mural 3
Yarra River Mural 2
Yarra River Mural 1
Yarra River Mural 5

The 4 Grade 3/4 children had been looking at the environment surrounding the Yarra River, the habitats of the wildlife
and the unique landscape features.


  • Each grade was responsible for building up part of the background.
  • This was done by weaving sections of colour according to the landscape: the river itself, the river estuary
    where it becomes Port Phillip Bay, the reeds and grass alongside the river and the sky on a fine to cloudy day.
  • We used a variety of textured materials on a cardboard weaving frame.
  • The pieces were glued on to a large canvas board.
  • The children made their animals out of felt, using a range of stitches to join and decorate the fabric. Some
    of the children made the wind-surfers out on the glistening water of the Bay.

Michele Freeland-Small.
Hawthorn West Primary School