Yarn Creations

Term: 4 Year: 2007

Yarn Creations 2
Yarn Creations 1
Yarn Creations 5
Yarn Creations 4
Yarn Creations 3

How to:


  • Media of varied textures and colours were used to create a wall-hanging which displayed skills the students
    had learned.
  • These included plaiting, finger-knitting, cord making and pom poms.
  • Wire tying for attaching items was a skill as well as the threading of beads and sequins, and experimenting
    by changing the felt in some way.
  • A continuing consideration was colour choice. I asked students to think about complementary colours which would
    unify the artwork’s elements.
  • Final presentation required thought about how the items could be applied to the frame. Would all items stay
    neatly within its perimeter or would they be placed on and around it?

This activity enabled students to learn a variety of skills which can be useful in future learning situations. Students
were also encouraged to assist each other, which created an atmosphere of co-operation and mutual benefit.

Level 3 & 4

Maranantha Christian College