Term: 4 Year: 2007

Yachts 8

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As part of the Years 3&4 integrated unit on ‘The Beach’, students were involved in a number of activities
based on activities at the beach. This became a fabulous way to explore the element of colour and line, when they
were asked to design their own yachts.

Inspiration was drawn from looking at brightly coloured sails and fabrics. Discussions about what factors contribute
to the effectiveness of the design formed much of the brainstorming and share time. Students were given a cartridge
paper template to practise drawing some designs with grey lead.

Once a design had been created, the template (cut with a guillotine) from cartridge paper was handed out. Students
lightly pencilled their designs. Ocaldo tempura colours were used to paint the sails. Correct technique was emphasized
so that students could achieve maximum colour intensity and eliminate the ability to see brush strokes due to faint
colour application.

Once dry, black Giotto markers were used to go over the design. It was at this point that the designs ‘came
alive’. The mast and boat was cut from coloured paste-board (thickest cover paper). Students named their yachts
and added this with fine-liner.

I chose to mount all the pieces on a wall with waves cut from corrugated card.

Eltham College Junior School