Artist Inspired Wooden Wavy Photo Frame

In this lesson students will explore different artists and their styles as inspiration. Students will decorate a frame using paint markers and Magiclay drawing inspiration from their chosen artists style. Students will decide what image they will put into their frame and how their inspirational artist relates to the image.

Lesson 1

Students create a frame inspired by a chosen artist. Students first choose an image for their frame, this could be a person, place or object. Students explore a range of different artists. Students can do their own research or choose from several pre-selected artists. Discuss their chosen artists style, source of inspiration and how they create their work. Students must ensure that their chosen artist somehow relates to the image which will be displayed in their frame.
Students create a design for their frame using paint markers as a base. Students can trace their frame on to paper and draw a draft design of their work using pencil.

Lesson 2

Students begin on their final design. Students use paint markers to decorate the frame and can add
3D elements to their work using sculpted pieces of Magiclay.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Artist Inspired Wooden Wavy Photo Frame