Wooden Spoon Easter Characters

Wooden Easter Spoons

Wooden Spoon EasterWooden spoons provide a great base for characters and figures but can also be used as a drawing base, making them a nice gift idea.


Wooden Spoons
Felt Sheets 
Pom Poms
Zart School Colours 
EverZart Permanent Pen Black
Joggle Eyes With Lashes 
Paper Stripping Assorted Colours
Joggle Eyes
Posca Marker Bullet Assorted colours
Pasteboard A4

How to make Wooden Spoon Easter Characters

Step 1.
Paint wooden spoon with acrylic paint. If going to cut out limbs or ears, etc. from Pasteboard, also paint these. 

Step 2.
Once dry, use EverZart pens or Posca markers to draw facial details.

Step 3.
Add a beak or embellishments with paper stripping, glue on limbs or ears, add felt decorations, pom poms, feathers, and joggle eyes.

Extension Ideas

  • Add washi tape or Ultra Fine Posca Markers to make the handle of the spoon decorative.
  • Could do an ombre paint to show a gradient of colour or use watercolour sponge set to apply texture.
  • Could dip spoons into a number of paint colours in succession, at altering depths, as another way to apply colour.
  • Wrap chenille or tinsel stems around the spoon handle.