Wood works

Term: 4 Year: 2006

Wood Works 1

Wood Works 3
Wood Works 2

Wood, Wire and Paper


The Students will use a variety of tools, techniques and processes to explore the potential of wire, wood and paper.


For Students to:

  • Plan, select, manipulate and combine materials and tools using a range of skills and problem solving techniques
    with wood, paper, wire and other media.
  • Utilise Thinking Curriculum-VELS: group work, HABITS OF THE MIND(posters)
  • Present to an audience-Arts Festival (August 2006)
  • Build an awareness of the principles and elements of design (form, composition, shapes, texture).

Paper Chairs

  • Materials: Cover paper, Supertac glue, and other mixed media for decoration.


  • Rule A4 cover paper into strips that have been measured accurately.
  • Roll strips into cylinders.
  • Cut slots into the end of cylinders and join together.
  • Mount on card and decorate by cutting paper with fancy scissors and attaching other media.

Wire and Paper Fish-”Fish from the Yarra”

  • Inspiration: Fish displayed on the Yarra River for the Commonwealth Games.
  • Materials: Newspaper, masking tape, tissue paper, PVA glue mixed with water (milk consistency), various types
    of wires and mixed media for decoration.


  • Manipulate, twist, shape newspaper into the shape of a fish utilising masking tape to hold newspaper together.
  • Cover with torn tissue paper, which has been spread with watered down PVA. Allow drying for a week.
  • Wind and bind armature wire around the fish and then attach or twist other pieces of different wires to the
  • Decorate with other materials.


Woodwork-”Abstract  Timer Geometric Sculpture

  • Inspiration: The Vault” (The Yellow Peril) and Heide Sculpture Park
  • Materials: Pine (Reverse Garbage-Ringwood), nails, Vipond Paint, wire and other media for decoration.


  • Cut pieces of timer to different sizes and join together using PVA glue and nails.
  • Texture the timber using a rasp, sand paper or hammering.
  • Paint the abstract sculpture in one colour.
  • Add other found materials to create interesting features and points of view. (Wire, wool,foam, lids etc) Utilise
    tacky glue, nails or hot glue to attach these materials.

Suitable for Level 4 

Rita Di Grazia and Miro Graystone

Strathmore Primary School