Wire and Modroc Sculptures Inspired by the Artist Gustavo Ramirez Cruz

Term: 4 Year: 2018

We began this unit by looking at Columbian paper mache artist Gustavo Ramirez Cruz.

The children were instantly enthusiastic about his imaginative creatures, his use of colour and pattern and the prospect of working in 3D. After designing their own creatures from different perspectives, they made the skeleton from wire. (2-3 sessions) They stuffed their creature’s shape with newspaper before using mod-roc to create a smooth, hard surface. They added matchsticks, lolly sticks and beads for legs, spines, antennae etc. (5-6 sessions) They painted the background colours with acrylic paints and enhanced their creature with painted patterns. (4-5 sessions) When the creatures were finished, they used their iPad to take photos of their work. We discussed how to show off their sculpture to its best advantage through composition, neutral backgrounds or setting a scene etc.

This unit was a real labour of love for us as teachers, but the children have enjoyed every step and were very proud of their end results!

Year 5
Mount View Primary School, Glen Waverley