Winner’s Trophy

Hip Hip Hooray! Celebrate the Melbourne Cup this year by decorating a Winner’s Trophy – everyone can be a winner!


Cards & Envelopes Father’s Day
Cover Paper A4 Black
Embossing Foil Roll
Metallic Pattern Paper Gold
Metallic Pattern Paper Silver
Stay Anywhere Permanent Pens
Satin Ribbon

How to make a Winner’s Trophy

Step One
On a sheet of Metallic Pattern Paper, trace around a cardboard trophy. Cut out the shape and glue it to a cardboard trophy.

Step Two
Show details of the trophy by cutting shapes from Black Cover Paper. Arrange the shapes on to the trophy and glue them in place.

Step Three
Draw with a pen in to a piece of Embossing Foil to create shapes that can be cut out and glued onto the trophy.

Step Four
Create a label at the base of the trophy using Patterned Papers and glue these to the trophy.