Term: 2 Year: 2006

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Diffusion paper is fantastic to work with and creates some terrific results , but what if we were to use something
similar that has been donated to the art room – would the results be the same?

Coffee Filters! Same absorbency and diffusion but free- and an interesting shape. By cutting off the sewn edge of
the filters we ended up with the semi- circular shape which in turn gave us the circular display option.

  • Water Soluble textas were used to colour the coffee filter.
  • Water was then carefully applied to blend and bleed the colours together giving beautiful mixtures of tone and
    tertiary colours we couldn’t imagine were created!
  • Colour could still be applied to the wet paper and changes were instantaneous.
  • This colour and water application continued over two one hour sessions with care being taken not to make the
    finished piece too ‘muddy’.
  • Black cover paper ‘bars’ were then carefully cut and applied in a design to enhance the overall
    colour application.
  • The final display was completed by positioning the filters together to create the circles. This looks wonderful
    displayed on windows to get the light reflecting from behind.

Lisa James – Art Specialist
Diamond Creek East Primary School