Wearable Newspaper Art

Term: 4 Year: 2016

Year 9 an10 students from Cornish College participated in a Wearable Art Elective as part of the Breadth Studies Program. The Breadth Studies Program offers a variety of subjects for students over half day timetabled blocks, providing a consolidated time for subject outcomes.

Within the Wearable Art elective the students are encouraged to explore and trail unusual upcyclable materials for the purpose of designing and creating wearable body sculptures. During this inquiry they explored the qualities of newspaper, supported by glue, wire & tape.

The students research sources of inspiration through photography – natural and manmade forms- artists and fashion designers.

They also develop fashion illustration and design skills as well as the ability to create manipulated sculptural forms on a mannequin adjusted to their personal measurements.

As a finale to the elective, the students are provided the opportunity of showcasing their works in a photoshoot provided by Art, craft, activity, activities, children, kids, school art activities, student artwork, gallery, Term 4 2016, Photography and two students from the Academy of Make-Up, Cheltenham, who joined the shoot as part of their work experience.

Artwork provided by
Geraldine Pollock
Cornish College, Bangholme