Washi Tape Photo Frame

Washi Tape Frames

Washi frameWashi tape is very effective for making linework or geometric patterns – a great decorative product for a photo frame for Mum!


Papier Mache Photo Frames
Washi Tape Glitter Pattern
Basics Buttons Pastel
Mod Podge Gloss
Zart School Colours
Pearl Paint
Supertac Glue

How to make aWashi Tape Photo Frame

Step 1.
Painting the frame with white acrylic adds a great base to your frame and ensures all colours put on top will be vibrant. The pearl paints have a lovely shimmer to them and give a pastel colour, but for bolder colours use the Shimmer paints.

Step 2.
Once the paint is dry you can create a nice geometric pattern using the washi tape!

Step 3.
Coat your finished work with Mod Podge to add a layer of protection and make your project everlasting.

Step 4.
Add the buttons with Supertac as the final step.