Washi Tape Pattern Extension

In this lesson students explore shape, line and pattern to extend a washi tape design. Students create a page of washi tape pieces and then use the shapes in the washi tape to extend the design. Students can continue the design from the tape or create unique designs that merge into the tape using fine liner pens and water colour paints.

Lesson 1

Students explore the art material of washi tapes. Discuss the patterns, lines and colours on the different designs of washi tapes. Explore the art element of pattern.

Students choose a washi tape design or several similar designs. Students create a page of torn washi tape pieces. Once students have finished sticking down their washi tape they use a fine liner to extend the shapes and lines which they can see in the washi tape design. Students can repeat the patterns which they can see in the washi tape or they can create unique designs which blend into the pieces of tape.

Once students have finished drawing the outline of their pattern they can use water colour paints to add colour to their work. Students should focus on blending similar colours into their washi tape design so that the tape seems to be almost camouflaged on the page.

What you’ll need:

Washi Tape Plant 8s
Cartridge paper 200gsm
Primecolours Watercolours

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Washi Tape Pattern Extension