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Term: 3 Year: 2008
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Design a logo for an imaginary business. Your logo will feature on all marketing material for that business. Begin by
creating a set of thumbnail sketches and a set of 4 design drawings. From these design ideas create a final, coloured design
drawing on A4 paper. Scan the completed A4 design into the computer. Digitally enhance the design using Adobe Photoshop.
Use desktop publishing software to create a business card, letterhead and noodle box label, all of which feature your digitally
enhanced design. Mount all elements of the project on a sheet of large black Cover Paper for display.


The aim of this Unit of work is twofold:

Stage One is to introduce year 7 and 8 students to the Elements and Principles of Graphic Design, and to have them use
the Elements and Principles to create a design logo for an imaginary business. This involved a series of exercises in The
Visual Art diary to familiarise students with the Elements and Principles.

A design Brief was then issued to students asking them to:

1). Create an imaginary business for themselves

2). Complete a set of thumbnail sketches of ideas for a logo for their business. Create a set of 4 design sketches,
with each sketch portraying at least 2 Design Elements and 2 Design Principles

3). Select the most effective design logo and re-draw it on A4 Cartridge Paper. The image must be coloured using Pencil,
Paint, Food Dye, Pastel, Crayon or a combination of these.

Stage Two is to introduce students to Adobe Photoshop and desk-top publishing using Microsoft Publisher. Students scan
their completed logo into a computer and digitally enhance the image using Photoshop tools such as cropping, changing the
colour, hue saturation, and enhancing the texture of the logo. The final digitally enhanced image is then printed and used
in Microsoft Publisher to create business cards, letterhead, and labels for a noodle box.

All elements of the project – original image, digitally enhanced image, and business card, letterhead and noodle
box – are to be mounted on large sheets of black Cover Paper for display.


At the completion of the project, students complete a self-evaluation sheet which is pasted in The Visual Art Diary.
Teacher assessment takes the form of a rubric which describes the standard of work required for Outstanding, High, Medium
or Low on each task involved with the project.
Haileybury College Brighton