Vinyl Wallet


Step 1. Cut a 15 x 21cm piece of Vinyl and a 17 x 23cm piece of Patterned Cotton Fabric. Lay on
top of one another with the back sides together.

Step 2. Fold the 1cm edge of the Patterned Fabric around each side of the Vinyl and glue down with Supertac.

Step 3. With the Patterned Fabric facing up make a hard fold 7cm from the bottom. Now make another fold 5cm from the top.

Step 4. Glue along the sides of the bottom 7cm flap and fold up to form the pocket. Hold Together with clips or a weight whilst drying.

Step 5. Fold the top 5cm flap down to close the wallet.

Step 6. Finish with a Hook & Loop Fastener Dot as a clasp to hold the opening flap down. Decorate outer fabric with Iron-On Transfer Sheets and other embellishments.