Tribal Art

Term: 3 Year: 2009

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Springview Primary School

Works created in 7weeks.

To begin the topic we looked at a photographic slide show of images relating to African tribal art, we listened to
music of the Rain forest Pygmies by Colin Turnbull and Deep Forest and from library books, I took coloured photocopies
and created a wall display, all for stimulus.

Students then sketched a series of small portraits in their own visual diaries and then selected one and developed
it further with dry pastel on black paper. (Works need to fixed with fixative).

WE started the 3D work’s with Questions. What do you want to create? How will they stand? What material do
you want to use?

Drawings and designs were created.

All students designed and made their 3D work with three pieces of wood, like a tripod, their decision.

Students began by making a supportive framed; it was established very early that they needed to securer it with masking
tape and plaster bandage at the join. Students then painted their works.

Colours were talked about and we mostly decided to work with a restricted palette, for a more naturalistic look.

The heads are made with newspaper, covered with tissue paper –(paper mache style-watered down PVA). Heads painted and
decorated. I used a hot glue gun to secure the head and body together.

The decorations were mainly found objects, I always collect things and some of the students bring me found objects
like gum nuts, sea glass, sea rocks, shells, sticks etc. beads, ribbons raffia, plasticine were also used. The students
decorated their works.

Finally when finish we viewed the 2D and 3D work, talked about our work, ideas techniques etc and viewed the slide
show again. As we work we often listen to the Pygmy music and we all really learnt to enjoy it, we also spoke about
the global pressures on tribes throughout the world. How they survived? What pressures they face. Did they survive?

The works are majestic and the students really enjoyed the whole experience.


Julia Martin
Art Teacher
Springview Primary School