Tree-mendous Leaves

Term: 2 Year: 2012

Having been inspired by the Tree-mendous Trees PD last year, it was my objective that the students at Cranbourne Carlisle embark on a learning mission that involved the application of paint onto an alternative surface that, when completed, would be part of a unified work. 

The leaf shape was an ideal bonus, relating to the Programme of Inquiry and 2011 being the International Year of the Forest.

Year 4 observed the work of Dale Hickey and class discussions were centred around his flat use of complementary colours and patterns in “Cottlesbridge Landscape”.  This influence was evident within their leaf-shaped compositions.  During the term the students were introduced to the work of John Dahlsen and other environmental artists who ‘played’ with found objects and shapes to create aesthetically pleasing patterns within their work.

At the completion of the unit, the children were asked to solve artistic problems by using their individual artwork to become part of a greater group creation.  Participation was at a high, with students considering space (and negative use of), direction, careful placement, line and shape etc.  They enjoyed the various patterns that resulted from ‘playing’ with the painted leaf shapes and the tessellations that evolved from chance or accidental compositions.  
Definitely a ‘Dahlsen’ influence here.

Petra Glaser (Visual Art Specialist)
Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School
Suitable for Level 3