Tree Houses

Term: 3 Year: 2009

Tree Houses 1
Tree Houses 10
Tree Houses 9
Tree Houses 8
Tree Houses 7
Tree Houses 6
Tree Houses 5
Tree Houses 4
Tree Houses 3
Tree Houses 2

Springview Primary School

Works created in 5weeks.

For stimulus I read a story featuring a tree house and we viewed a slide showed that I had put together of tree houses,
tribal houses, cubby houses and sheds too. They became very excited as most children love the concept of having a
house within a tree, their own house.

Students then designed a series of small tree houses in their own visual diaries and then selected one design to
work with ~ an architectural concept. I even showed them some architects plans.

The small houses are built with cardboard collected from a framer, mount board. It’s very strong and comes
in small pre-cut pieces. They are joined together with masking tape and at this stage the sticks were added.

Three even layers of plaster bandage cover the cardboard structure giving in strength; students need to take their time and
it needs too fully dry out.

The plant growth on the surface of the houses was talked about, I showed them examples of old houses covered in ivy.
They each practised the skill with a fine paintbrush in their visual art diaries. The quality of their painted organic
growth is important as it gives the houses a magical quality.

The students really enjoyed this project, hands on, design, ownership and creating.

They wrote a brief review in their art diaries.


Julia Martin
Art Teacher
Springview Primary School