Transport of the Future

Term: 1 Year: 2012

During term 2, the grade 2 students were learning all about transport. Their challenge: to design the transport of the future.

They were each given a top secret design journal which they began sketching their own ideas in. Then they were asked to make teams of three or four. They shared their ideas with each other and came up with a team design using the best parts of each other's work. They watched a video about the work of the GMH Holden Design Team, discovering how long it takes them to design and make a new car; that many people are involved in the design process; and that they use clay models to try out their ideas.

Each member of the student team chose an expert role – an expert sculptor, an expert engineer and an expert photographer. Each expert then joined with students from other groups that had been given the same role. Time was allowed to explore these areas of expertise before the clay model making began because the teams needed to include a part that could open and close. That's where the engineers could explain their new found ideas following an examination of different ways that things can open and close – for example, zippers, hinges, drawers, lids that screw on or lift off. The sculptors directed the model making, having discussed clay joining and sculpting methods, and the photographer’s role was to document the different views of the model when it was complete so the photos could be arranged like an orthographic drawing. They keenly practiced taking digital photographs after looking through some hint sheets from the Kodak website.

Over a number of lessons, the models had been carved and built with the help of the each team member. However, before the students were allowed to finally paint, they were asked to compare their model with their original side view sketches, discussing any changes they might have made during the model making and why. The Zart Art shimmer paints were an ideal coating for the unfired clay models, giving them a real, transport sheen.

Kyla Whitfield
Learning Support  (and art teacher in training!)
Chairo Christian School, Pakenham
Suitable for Level 2