Tonal Landscapes

Term: 3 Year: 2009

Tonal Landscapes 1
Tonal Landscapes 9
Tonal Landscapes 8
Tonal Landscapes 7
Tonal Landscapes 6
Tonal Landscapes 5
Tonal Landscapes 4
Tonal Landscapes 3
Tonal Landscapes 2

Discussions took place about the devastation of the Victorian Bushfires and particularly how the landscape changed
after the fires. Students also discussed how landscapes change during the seasons, especially the colour during Summer
and Winter.

The class looked at Margaret Preston’s painting Flying Over Shoalhaven River and discussed which season it
may represent. They also looked at the perspective and the flora in the scene

Boys began planning their interpretation of the Shoalhaven River scene, using contemporary, simplified shapes. Each
painting needed to show a season or time of day, using a limited colour palette. Experimentation in visual diaries
created a range of simplified tree shapes.

The students were encouraged to find and use a symbol that easily identified as a tree but differed from other designs
in the class.

The pieces were created using Chromacryl Paints, Zart Art Black Pastels and A2 Cartridge.


Priscilla Williams
Scotch College Junior School