Hand colouring or Tinting a Black and White Photograph with PanPastels

In this video, we will be exploring the use of PanPastels over a black and white photo. PanPastels are similar to a chalk pastel, however, they are highly pigmented, smooth to apply and are used with sponges.

This is a simple process using PanPastels to tint the photo and create colour in the image. Photos with varying tones between dark and light greys will work best.

Images can be printed on gloss paper for a light pastel look or on cartridge and watercolour paper for more intense colours.

Using various sized and shaped sponges this will allow you to easily colour the image and an eraser will assist in cleaning up lines.

This is a simple example of the colouring process which is suitable for a range of learners and ability levels.

Lesson Plan: Pan Pastel Tinting

PanPastel Kits

Greyscale – https://www.zartart.com.au/product/PS…
Sket and Tone – https://www.zartart.com.au/product/PS…
Basics Colour – https://www.zartart.com.au/product/PS…

PanPastel Tools

Sofft Tools – https://www.zartart.com.au/product/PS118

Individual disc colours also available: