Three Wise Men


Step 1. Lay a Laser Cut Design onto a sheet of A4 Coloured Cardboard. Use a sponge to dab white Zart School Colours paint onto the stencil. Peel the stencil off to reveal the printed coloured card and allow to dry.

Step 2. Repeat two more times on different coloured pieces of cardboard, one for each of the other Wise Men.

Step 3. Cut three squares between 9cm x 15cm and 13cm x 15cm from each of the different printed cardboard pieces.

Step 4. Roll the squares to form cylinders and staple edges together, this will create the Wise Men’s bodies.

Step 5. Cut a teardrop approx. 6cm long from Kraft Card for the head. Draw on a face and beard with pencil. Cut out a moustache, and attach with a glue stick.

Step 6. Glue the head to the top of the cylinder with a glue stick.

Step 7. Cut out crowns from the left-over printed cardboard and glue to the heads.

Step 8. Cut a bell shape from coloured card approx. 10cm x 12cm and glue to the back of the cylinder with a glue stick for the cape.