This Wild Song

Term: 3 Year: 2018

This Wild Song (TWS) celebrates Australian female artists through portraits, interviews, exhibitions and events. I created this large scale project to support these artists and provide platforms for their voices, but also to address gender inequality in the arts in a positive way.

The concept of the photographic portraits is for the artist to become a part of their work. When shooting I’m also looking to capture the truth of who they are by photographing those in-between moments where the mask has been dropped. The portraits and an accompanying interview about the artist’s practice are then featured on the website. With over 100 artists involved, the website serves as an online resource and offers a broad synopsis of contemporary Australian art.

Our most recent show was in March 2018 at the Australian High Commission in Singapore which was an amazing experience! Curated by Merryn Trevethan, we exhibited 20 portraits with a piece by each artist featured in a photograph. I’m currently working towards a major exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn, where I’ll be showing 25 portraits and art works throughout all three gallery spaces. TWS is a not-for-profit project, and as yet unfunded, so I’ve created and fulfilled these opportunities through fundraising, crowdfunding and Patreon.

I’ve also just released the TWS Podcast and it’s a series of honest conversations about art, business and life. We address the practicalities and realities of being a professional artist, and the ‘business’ of art. Designed as a resource for artists we answer common questions such as: How do you support your arts practice financially? How important is an arts education? How do you structure your days? Plus we also discuss representation, self promotion, motherhood, self care and share advice for emerging artists.

Forums are regularly held for the public, as are networking meetings for the artists to help build and strengthen their communities.

The learn more about This Wild Song please go to and follow us on instagram at @thiswildsong