The Scream

Term: 2 Year: 2009
The Scream 2009 1
The Scream 2009 11
The Scream 2009 10
The Scream 2009 9
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The Scream 2009 4
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The Scream 2009 2

While exploring the different emotions that we can encounter in the inquiry learning focus ‘Feelings’,
these Level One students created their own personal version of Edvard Munch’s Scream.

The aim of the inquiry was for the children to understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others, and how
this contributes to their own health and well being.

During the inquiry the students visited the National Gallery of Victoria with their class teacher. This included
a tour which focused on how artwork can provoke different feelings.

In the art room, the students explored mark making with paint in their Artist diary. The art elements line and colour
were introduced and a discussion evolved around how Munch used both of these elements in his own work to suggest
different feelings. Some words that were popular in the discussion included slow, swirly, soft, straight, dark, strange
and long.

Students were encouraged to transfer some of the marks they explored to an A2 piece of paper using paint. One of
the challenges the children faced was to ensure the marks they made travelled from one side of the page to the other.
They achieved this using various sized brushes and accepting that it was ok to paint off the page and onto the table!

Overlaying the paint work is a digital photo taken of the student.  During the photo shoot, the child needed
to imagine a spider crawling across their shoulder. This created a range of screams and facial expressions. The photo
was then manipulated with oil pastels using the lines explored in the artist diaries. It was not important whether
the student was still able to be identified or not in his or her artwork. More so, that the artwork reflected how
they were ‘feeling’.

Franca Petrolo
Visual Arts
Overnewton Anglican College Taylors Lakes