The Rhinoceros!

Term: 1 Year: 2014

1960 an estimated 100,000 black rhinos roamed across Africa.

By 1981, 15,000 remained.

In 1995 just 2,410 were left on the continent.

In 2006 the western black rhino was declared extinct…

This catastrophic fall in rhino numbers was the consequence of a poaching slaughter for the lucrative ivory rhino horn!

The Grade 4 students made miniature rhinos to look after, as a response to their Inquiry Unit about Endangered Animals.

The bodies were constructed using an armature wire base, which was wrapped with newspaper and masking tape. Before adding Modroc to cover the animals, they looked at images of rhinos in the wild and observed how they behaved in their natural environment.

The students adjusted the armature frame to suit the position of the body. 

Michelle Freeland Small
Visual Art Teacher

Glen Iris Primary School
Suitable for AusVELS level 4