The Enchanted City

Term: 1 Year: 2013

Isn’t it amazing how many times you can walk down a street but not be able to describe it in detail?

How often do we stop, stare and think?

Do we notice the design and light of everyday structures?

We did stop to stare and think about the structures around us. We discovered that it is easy to blend in and for structures to disappear amongst other structures. However we also discovered that some structures stand out through design and innovation and force us to see them. They appear to be enchanted. Are they enchanted or different from others? Maybe it was us who made them enchanted by stopping and looking at them differently.

Everything and everyone can be enchanted, it depends on who takes the time to stop and see…                                                                                     

Paula Brown
Grade Teacher
Yarraville West Primary School
Suitable for levels 2 &3