Terracotta Jug

Terracotta jugShimmer paints provide a great metallic finish to any project. They are great for use on terracotta as they have a permanent finish.
Note: This activity is just for decorative purposes. Terracotta is absorbent and will leak liquid so should not be used for carrying liquid.


Terracotta Jugs
Shimmer Paint
Posca Markers
Viponds Acrylic Glaze

How to decorate a Terracotta Jug

Step 1.
Paint the jug all over. 

Step 2.
Once dry, paint shapes like squares with alternating colours. Make sur you select colours that will contrast well with your background colour. Paint markers can also be used for this.

Step 3.
Once dry, use fine paint pens to draw in patterns and details.

Step 4.
Varnish the jug for a final layer of protection against scratching.

Extension Ideas

  • Dip the jugs into Magic Marbling ink for a marbled effect – this could be done on the bottom to create a dual pattern effect.
  • Use Pearlen Pens or Colour Slix for dimension and texture.